British Science Week

March 20, 2017

British Science Week 2017: It was British Science Week from the 10th – 19th March, as part of this, a fair was held by the University in Great Hall, Sackville Street Building for local school kids in year 7-9 to get more insight on Science and Engineering at University. The School of Electrical and Electrical Engineering had two stalls there, one looking at Autonomous robots and the other looking at renewable energy & clean technology. The autonomous robots stall was initially split into two sections, one gave the opportunity for the kids to move robots with x-box controllers but this wasn’t well received by the kids so it was removed to just display the autonomous robots. The stall introduced concepts of sensors and algorithms to them. The robots were closer related to autonomous vacuums rather than autonomous cars. Such robots could be used in fires to detect and extinguish fires.
The renewable energy & clean technology stall looked at:  A hair dryer was blown on a wind turbine to turn on LEDs, fuel cell cars using hydrogen batteries and a program created using LabView to show how much energy is being used .A house model was kept to display how renewable energy can be implemented in a house. It was explained to them that while renewable energy is difficult to get, it is possible. The children were very engaged as they were learning about these concepts through a hands on approach. They can now make links between their science classes & EEE.
If you would like to engage young kids in science and engineering, there are plenty of opportunities such as joining the EWB outreach programme, joining robogals or becoming a stemnet ambassador!

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