How the box was born

November 17, 2016

Danielle George, one of the professors in EEE, did a recent segment for a BBC Documentary -Television’s Opening Night: How the Box Was Born. The main content of this documentary is that Professor Danielle George with Dallas Campbell and Dr Hugh Hunt attempt to re-stage the very first official broadcast on British television!

The very first official broadcast was made on 2nd November 1936. Unfortunately, there are no surviving recordings. The team in the documentary attempt to recreate every aspect of it. Professor Danielle George made an experiment to show the photoelectric effect which is quite important to make television possible. In this experiment a coin was put into the circuit connected with an audio equipment and then she shone a torch on it. When she changed the distance between the torch and the coin, the sound from the audio equipment changed due to the change of voltage. The theory of this phenomenon is that there will be the production of electrons when light is shone onto a material. The number of electrons will increase with increasing light intensity. Thus, the voltage on the material increases.

Finally, the team re-staged the broadcast successfully and discovered a story of cogs and gears, electron beams and dancing girls. Want to know more? Just search and watch the BBC documentary online.

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professor danielle george

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