Suggestions for your career

March 6, 2017


Do you want to find an internship but have no idea? Are you a final year student wants a good job?  Would you like to improve yourself to have a good performance when finding jobs?  The orb will give you some suggestions.

  • Take advantage of the university career service. You can get a lot of resource on the website of career service. By logging on the careerlink account, you will find many events held every week. These events include job fairs, welfares and career skill sessions. You will also get advances of how to prepare interviews and write CVs and cover letters.


  • Study Hard. Mark is not everything but an excellent degree will help you to stand out from the competitors. There are a lot of internship and job chances require at least a 2:1 degree. On the other hand, a good understanding of theories and techniques is also benefit for your career.


  • Try your best to improve your CV. A good CV is the first step to get a good job. From now, do things that can be put on your CV. Whether an experience of part-time job or joining a welfare organization may help you to attract the employers.



Remember never stop improving yourself. A good offer is waiting for you!

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